Sport Performance & Injury Rehabilitation

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Treatment Protocols have changed significantly when it comes to sport Injuries even though the injuries themselves have remained unchanged in medical textbooks for many years.

Most of the advances in treatment has come about from research lead by exercise physiologists and specialists who monitor and test our elite athletes and of course lets not forget the sharp learning curve provided by good old fashion trial and error.

It wasn’t that long ago a patient booked for knee surgery would be in a cast and asked to rest as much as possible. Medical specialist began to realise that the cast would accelerate atrophy (muscle wasting) of the leg muscles making postoperative recovery a long and unnecessary drawn out process.

Nowadays the complete opposite occurs. Instead of resting and immobilising the injured segment, the patient is given a carefully considered treatment plan combined with prescribed rehabilitation exercises, pre and post-operatively.

There are an number of important factors to be considered before any treatment or rehabilitation program is given to minimise aggravation of the healing structures. A poor and inexperienced approach could set back recovery significantly, or worse, contribute to further damage to the recovering tissues.

Our physiotherapist Ben Cameron has had 17 years experience treating injuries. He has seen just about every combination of sport injury and treats many elite athletes.  He has worked in Geelong hospital for a couple of years but has spent most of his professional life in  private practice that primarily focused on sports injuries and complex musculoskeletal conditions. Ben has been treating AFL VFL & NBL greats for many years

Treating any injury whether it is sports related, work related or just plain bad luck related does not change the rehab rules. Each injury is categorised in different phases with goals and criteria to progress through each different phase.

In nearly all cases, treatment is accompanied by a customised exercise rehab program to accelerate recovery and enhance positive long lasting results.

All our rehabilitation exercises are based on best current practices that are evidence based. Our Physiotherapist clearly sets out what type of exercises are appropriate for the current injury level, how many reps, at what intensity and how many times in the day these exercises should be done.

Combine this approach with his proven treatment protocols gives our patients the best results.

Physiotherapy has traditionally but not exclusively encompassed exercise prescription and manual therapies. With mutual consensus mechanical problems can be treated using a wide variety of techniques.

Our Physio Ben Cameron has been treating AFL VFL & NBL greats for many years


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