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  • Suffering widespread pain on a chronic basis?
  • Feeling fatigue and just can’t get a decent nights sleep?
  • Got tingling in the hands and feet and can’t work out why?
  • Feel like your joints have stiffened up?
  • Experiencing “brain fog” or depression?

If you have answered yes to some of these questions, chances are you may be suffering from Fibromyalgia!

What is Fibromyalgia?

MediLexicon’s dictionary defines it as “A common syndrome of chronic widespread soft-tissue pain accompanied by weakness, fatigue, and sleep disturbances; the cause is unknown.” It is a long-lasting condition.

Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fibromyalgia is treated with laser acupuncture (LA),  lymphatic drainage (LD), soft tissue massage (STM )and transcutaneous (non-needles) electro-acupuncture (TCEA).

Don’t despair there is a solution, book an appointment with our Physio.


Can Physiotherapy Help Chronic Fatigue?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is an affliction that affects many Australians at varying degrees. In its worst form it is totally debilitating leaving the patient exhausted and progressively unproductive.

It may encompass a number of subsets within its brood spectrum, which includes sub-clinical hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, polyarthritis and secondary lymphoedema.

You are exhausted and drained but in its milder forms, you can still soldier on, with mild symptoms but a sense of being just not right.

Chornic Fatique treatments

We treat Chronic Fatigue using laser acupuncture (LA), lymphatic drainage (LD), soft tissue massage (STM )and transcutaneous (non-needles) electro-acupuncture (TCEA).  In addition, we look at your Diet and lifestyle which may need some adjusting.  Its cause can be as simple as a depressed immune system and lymphatic congestion. This is treatable by natural methods.

With many years of clinical experience treating such conditions, our Melbourne Physiotherapist can help.


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