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Claiming Physiotherapy

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Private health insurance for physiotherapy


Private Health Insurance for Physiotherapy

Claiming physiotherapy treatment is easy since our Physiotherapist is registered with all leading private health care funds, so providing you have adequate private health cover you will be able to claim for Physiotherapy services.

The clinic provides “HICAPS” facilities which is an electronic private health claiming system that lets you process and finalise your claim on the spot after your consultation. So there’s no need to pay the full consultation fee up-front or wait for the reimbursement of your benefit. You need only pay the gap.

Most health insurance companies with ‘EXTRAS’ cover will pay a rebate for Physiotherapy services. Please check with your insurer for further details as there are a lot of insurance cover levels.

Fees are due and payable on the day of service. This eliminates costly bookkeeping and billing expenses enabling us to pass on these savings to our clients.




All Veterans Affairs (DVA) consultations are bulk billed providing DVA has approved your claim. If you are a GOLD card holder you are entitled to be treated for any condition. If you are a WHITE card holder you are entitled to be treated for only the conditions specified by DVA.

To claim physiotherapy treatment you need to see your GP to get the appropriate paperwork in order before we are able to bulk bill. The amount of treatment you are entitled to, will depend on what you have and what DVA has approved. You are generally not restricted to 5 visits per year such as Medicare. For further information on DVA referral requirements click here.

If you need treatment earlier prior to the forms being lodged and approved by DVA you can still come in however you will need to pay on the day of service and then send your treatment receipt to DVA for reimbursement. Be warned that if the paper work is not correct or complete they may refuse to pay for your consultations and it will be a matter between yourself and DVA to resolve.

If DVA refuse to pay for your consultation(s) because your claim is finished or incomplete then you are required to pay your account within 14 days otherwise further administration fees will apply.

Please note that concurrent delivery of physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathic services for the same condition in any eligible veteran is not permitted by DVA hence treatment costs will not be reimbursed.


Claiming Medicare

Medicare now provides up to 5 Physiotherapy visits each year that you are able to claim if you are eligible.

If you suffer from a chronic problem for over 6 months duration, or have multiple health issues then you may qualify for the Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC) which is the program that can provide you with these 5 visits.

Ask your GP if you qualify. Your GP will then submit the required paperwork to Medicare for the 5 rebatable physiotherapy visits. Once we receive a copy of these forms that your GP will provide, we will add this information to your paid receipt that you can then submit to Medicare to receive your rebate.

If Medicare refuse to pay for your consultation(s) because your claim is finished or incomplete then you will need to check with your GP. We are unable to assist as it is a matter between your GP and Medicare. It has been our experience that the most common reason for refusal is the EPC paperwork not being submitted or received correctly.

X-Ray Costs

claiming-xrays-physioShould X-rays be required a referral to a local radiological centre that bulk bills will be provided by our Physiotherapist.

You are able to go anywhere you like if you have a preference, but not all radiological centres bulk bill, so check first.

Recently the Federal Government has stated that each individual is only entitled to one spinal x-ray series per year under the medicare bulk bill system. This means that if you have had more than one spinal x-ray in the one year, you will have to pay for the second. It pays to check first if you have any doubts.


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