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Melbourne Physiotherapy| Massage Fees

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Physiotherapy Fees

Initial Physiotherapy Consultation and Examination $98.00
Extended Physiotherapy Consultation $150.00
Standard Physiotherapy Consultation $88.00
Brief Physiotherapy Consultation $58.00
Sport Strapping Consultation $38.00


Payment of Fees

Fees are due and payable on the day of service eliminating costly bookkeeping and billing expenses, enabling us to pass on this savings to our clients.

(Note: Concession rates are available to those over 65 years or under 12 years.)


Missed and Changed Appointment Policy

We understand that sometimes appointments need to be changed. Our policy is to waive all fees if you give us 24 hours notice of changing it. The normal fee applies if an appointment is changed or missed without 24 hours notice.


Make an appointment at Physiotherapist Melbourne or call us on (03) 9380 5434.