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Clinical Pilates


What is Clinical Pilates

No longer is Pilates viewed as simply a set of exercises and methodology deriving from Joseph Pilate’s classical repertoire.  Many years of research into Pilates as a movement method within exercise physiology shows that Pilates can be beneficial to just about anyone who wants to move well.

Moving well carries across all types of daily activities and because of the high adaptability of Clinical Pilates exercise programs, Pilates can assist in improving any type of movement from carrying groceries through to high-performance athletic training.

Benefits of Clinical Pilates

Moving with a sound biomechanical system will relieve stress and back pain, improve balance and core strength, and ultimately decrease the chance of injury. What you can expect from a Clinical Pilates session is a highly personalised approach to posture correction, global and local muscle balancing and, depending on your goals, rehabilitation of injury or fitness training.

The benefit of working in a one-on-one or one-on-two environment is that you will be provided with the undivided attention of a Pilates professional to help you work towards your personal fitness and/or rehabilitation goals. Practising Pilates under the care of a qualified instructor has manifold effects including improved core strength, rebalancing of muscles, pain reduction, improved posture and body awareness as well as longer, leaner muscles.

The key focus for Clinical Pilates

  • Relieve and prevent back and neck pain
  • Rehabilitate old and new injuries
  • Address muscle imbalances
  • Improve overall balance
  • Improve coordination
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Increase muscle tone and suppleness (flexibility)
  • Enhance fitness level
  • Pre and post operative rehabilitation

Mat and Reformer Exercises

There are many reasons why people prefer mat workouts or reformer workouts. It is ultimately up to each individual, considering their own needs and ability as to which style they wish to practise.

Many people find working on a reformer stimulating as it allows more resistance work, while others find a mat class harder due to decreased proprioception and more focus on core stability.

At Brunswick Health, mat and reformer exercises are developed specifically to your needs and can be used interchangeably in a session.

Our Clinical Pilates Instructor & Physiotherapist

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Claiming Pilates on Private Health Insurance

It is important you check with your particular policy to see if you can claim Pilates classes conducted by a qualified Physiotherapist.  If you are able to claim then we can offer on the spot HICAPS electronic claiming.

Clinical Pilates Special


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