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Brunswick Physio

Our Brunswick Physiotherapists are manual as well as rehabilitative physiotherapists.  This diverse skill allows to not only treat musculoskeletal conditions but also co-ordinate exercise rehab programs to strengthen compromised areas. This combination not only speeds up recovery but also reduces the likelihood of relapse.


Modalities of our Physiotherapist


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Physio Helps Keep Us Active

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Physio for Pre & Post Natal Care

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Physio for Headaches & Migraines



People have come to expect more from their Physiotherapist. Gone are the days where a diagnosis and a treatment plan was accepted without question.  Our Physiotherapists love questions and always explain everything in detail. After all, understanding your condition better equips you to make better decisions not just about treatment but also what you can do to assist the different stages of your recovery as this constantly changes as your body goes through various healing stages.

Our Brunswick Physios are warm, friendly Physios who will make you feel comfortable immediately.  You will know after the first visit if you have chosen the right Physiotherapist clinic for you and your family.


6 Good Reasons to Choose us

  • Our Physiotherapists are manual as well as a rehabilitative Physiotherapists coordinating your treatment plan alongside your rehabilitative plan.
  • We take the time needed to help you, so we only offer long Physiotherapy sessions.
  • We explain your condition and you are involved in your own recovery. We provide rehabilitative exercises and teach you preventative measures.
  • Our Practitioners attend seminars regularly during the year, using modern evidence-based treatment protocols that research has proven to be effective.
  • We guarantee our service, so you have nothing to lose except your pain!
  • We offer electronic instant health claiming (HICAPS) so need only pay the gap on the day of service.


Make an appointment or call us on (03) 9380 5434.